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Embracing Hope: Celebrating Ascension Day and the Promise of Christ’s Return

Ascension Day is a sacred observance in the Christian calendar that holds deep meaning and significance for believers worldwide. This special day, 40 days after Easter Sunday, marks the momentous event of Jesus Christ ascending into heaven. Why is celebrating Ascension Day a good idea? This blog post explores Ascension Day’s rich theological implications and spiritual lessons.

The Victory of Resurrection and Ascension

The journey of Ascension Day begins with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday celebrates the triumph over death as Jesus emerges from the tomb, defeating sin and offering the promise of eternal life to all who believe in Him. The Ascension builds upon this victory, signaling Jesus’ glorification and return to the heaven. It is a powerful declaration of His divine nature and the fulfillment of God’s plan to redeem humanity.

The Continuing Presence of Christ

As Jesus physically ascended into heaven, He left His disciples—and all believers—with a personal assurance. The Ascension signifies a shift to a different type of presence. Through the Holy Spirit, which he refers to as “the promise” in Luke 24:44-53, Jesus maintains a spiritual presence in the lives of His followers. The Spirit is providing guidance, comfort, and empowerment to his followers every day. This ongoing personal presence is a source of strength and assurance for us, reminding us of our constant companionship with Jesus.

The High Priestly Intercession

Central to the Ascension is Jesus as the heavenly High Priest. As He ascended into heaven, Jesus entered into His role as the ultimate intercessor and mediator between God and humanity. He speaks for His followers, presenting our needs, prayers, and praises to the Father. This aspect of the Ascension emphasizes the close personal relationship between believers and God, made possible through Jesus’ sacrifice.

The Promise of His Return

We should be celebrating Ascension Day because it is not a farewell, but a promise of a glorious return. Just as Jesus ascended into heaven, we Christians eagerly await His second coming as described in Acts 1:9-11. This future event is not just a distant hope, but a source of inspiration and anticipation. It represents the completion of God’s purposes and the establishment of His kingdom in its fullness. The hope of Christ’s return ignites a fire within believers. It inspires them to live with faith, purpose, and a sense of excitement for the glorious future promised in Scripture.

Learn more about the events on earth before the return of Christ by checking out Pastor Campbell’s sermon “It’s The Final Countdown: Shedding Light on the 70 Weeks Prophecy in Daniel’s Prayer.”

The Commission to Spread the Gospel

Prior to His ascension, Jesus entrusted His disciples, witnesses of His resurrection, with a crucial task-to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. This mission remains a vital call for our today. Ascension Day serves as a powerful reminder of the responsibility and privilege we have of sharing the message of salvation, love, and reconciliation with others. It urges believers to actively and boldly live out our faith, demonstrating the transformative power of Christ’s resurrection and Ascension in our lives.

In conclusion, celebrating Ascension Day is important because it encapsulates the core tenets of the Christian faith—victory over sin and death, the continuing presence of Christ, His intercessory ministry, the promise of His return, and the commission to spread the Gospel. As you reflect on this significant day, strive to deepen your relationship with God. Live with hope and purpose, and actively advance His kingdom on earth.

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