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Global Missions

The world walks by our church daily as hikers from all over the world travel on the Appalachian Trail. But our passion for reaching the world isn’t limited to those who come to us. We are passionate about supporting missionaries who take the Gospel to other parts of the world.

We support 12 different missionaries with our finances and prayers. Eleven are foreign missionaries, while one is a home missionary in the US. 

These missionaries’ paths have taken them around the world to share the good news about Jesus in many different ways. We are proud to support them in their work. 

Most of these images have links to help you learn more about their ministries.

Kevin & Sandy Barner - Thailand
Rick & Lori Wislocky - Southeast Europe
Bettina Weaver - Our Father's House Children's Home in Myanmar
Art & Joyce Stoneking - Children's Home in Mexico
Keith & Joy Sorbo - Internet Evangelism
John & Deborah Sims - Builders International
Denny & Debby Seler - Cincel in Costa Rica
Doug & Susan Sayers - Latin American Youth
Mark & Carol Ryder - Global University
Steve Kulish - New York City Intercultural Ministry
Ronald Jones - Ukraine
Tom & Brooke Harshberger - Northern Ireland
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