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In this video, Pastor Campbell dives into the importance of living differently as Christians and

A baby in a basket along a river.

In this week’s message, Pastor Campbell shares about Jochebed, Moses’s mother, and her exceptional faith

In the first part of Ephesians chapter 4, Paul had been focusing on our unity

Unity in his church is important to God.

Spiritual unity was a significant part of the lives and teachings of the early church.

Life can feel like a road filled with potholes.

The road of life is never smooth. There are always obstacles and challenges to overcome,

The church is like a forest where we are protected from the storms of life.

It’s no secret that our world is in a crazy place right now, but we

The empty tomb

Without the Resurrection of Jesus, we’d have no foundation for our faith and no rock

Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday

Pretend for a few moments that we’re standing on the street in Jerusalem as part

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