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Biblical Perspective on End Times Deception: Are You Prepared?

end times deception of Israel

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Biblical Perspective on End Times Deception: Are You Prepared?

Welcome to Pastor Dennis Campbell’s powerful sermon on the Book of Revelation chapter 6 and the end times deception of Israel. In this sermon, we explore how biblical prophecy relates to current events, particularly the situation in Israel. As Pastor Dennis explains, understanding the Book of Revelation can shed light on the world’s unfolding events.

This sermon delves into the end times and the prophetic timeline outlined in Daniel Chapter 9. According to this text, there are seven years on God’s prophetic calendar for Israel. These seven years are marked by a series of three judgments: the seven seals, the seven trumpets, and the seven bowls of wrath.

End Times Deception: Broken Promises

Pastor Dennis walks us through the events where the Antichrist initially deceives Israel with promises of peace. However, in the middle of this period, he breaks his covenant and becomes their persecutor.

The events in Revelation are not fictional but real. The Book of Revelation is meant to clarify God’s plan for humanity and prepare us for what’s to come.

The sermon also touches on the importance of the Church in the end times and how God’s restraint is holding back certain events until the appointed time. Pastor Dennis analyzes the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, starting with the white horse, which represents a deceiver aiming to capture hearts and souls.

We then learn about the red horse, symbolizing the removal of peace and the rise of violence. The black horse brings famine and economic distress. The pale horse represents death and Hades, leading to the loss of one-quarter of the world’s population.

Our Purpose: Bringing the Message

This sermon emphasizes the importance of sharing the message of salvation with others in a time of increasing deception and turmoil. Pastor Dennis reminds us of God’s sovereignty and the hope that believers have, knowing that God will ultimately triumph over evil.

As you watch, read, or listen to this sermon, consider the significance of the Book of Revelation and how it can guide us in these challenging times. If you’re curious about the end times deception and the meaning behind the Four Horsemen, this sermon is a must-watch.

Learn how God’s answer to Daniel’s prayer relates to the end times prophecies in Revelation by checking out Pastor’s Sermon: The Prophetic Message of Daniel: Unveiling the Future and Strengthening Faith. 

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