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Stealing from God and Others: Another Sin to Shed Like a Cheap Suit

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Stealing from God and Others: Another Sin to Shed Like a Cheap Suit

Pastor Campbell wants us to understand the importance of stopping stealing and living a good life following the Bible’s teachings.

Paul’s Message to Believers

In a letter to the Ephesian believers, Paul talks about the sin of stealing. He tells them to stop stealing and start working honestly. He points out that even people who attend church can have a problem with stealing.

Paul’s message is clear: as Christians, we should try our best to please God, be honest, and have good character. He mentions the commandment “You shall not steal” and says thieves should make things right. He tells the story of Zacchaeus, a tax collector who repented and decided to return what he had stolen.

Working, not Stealing

Pastor also talks about different ways people steal in today’s society. He mentions stealing from stores, stealing someone’s identity, taking money from work, and cheating on taxes and tests. It’s essential to have good standards at work, do our best, and not do things that hurt others or make us look bad.

The message says that work is not bad but something God planned for us. He mentions how God told Adam to take care of the Garden of Eden. Pastor encourages believers to work hard, not just for themselves, but also to honor God and help others in need. Giving is important; we should do it because God gave His Son, Jesus Christ, for us.

At the end, Pastor Campbell warns us not to steal from God in different ways. Don’t keep the money that belongs to Him, ignore spending time with Him, waste the talents He gave us, or stay silent about the good news of Jesus. Having a close relationship with God and being active in His kingdom brings joy and blessings.

In summary, the message talks about stealing and its importance for believers to live good lives, be honest, and give generously. Christians should work hard, help those in need, honor God in everything, and share the message of salvation with others. By doing these things, believers can follow God’s plan, receive blessings, and not steal from themselves, others, or God.

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